Generational Strength in the Family Structure

“BRIDGES” captures life’s struggles within the Beckford family. Courageously this family copes with the daily perils of hatred and racism in the south. No longer are there troops as protection for the free black man, woman, and child. The stage is set, the black codes are being enforced. Unyielding, relentless obstacles are ongoing. This is a time period that affects every aspect of their daily existence. This epic explores the ever present external forces consistently governing most of the daily decisions for this family. With resilience and courage forging ahead they must to withstand the war constantly being waged against them. The reader is invited to travel with this family through sorrow as well as triumph.
“BRIDGES” examines individual strengths, familial cohesiveness, and undying resistance. The Beckford family courageously sojourns through life in the south (Georgia) as well as in the north (Chicago). It is life’s unbalanced scale that causes all the Beckford clan to evaluate their plight; they work diligently to improve it. Stubborn will and fortitude appear more prominent in some than in others. The narrative constantly examines the individual strengths and weaknesses within the family.

1. The Family Bond
A family bond is like gold tested by fire to appreciate its genuineness. Human value can indeed be measured by quality of the spirit. Love is not measured as carats like gold, but the capacity to share ourselves with others. It assists us in living our lives to the fullest. Harmonious relationships within the family provide a precursor to harmony with the extended family. The inclusion of others outside our immediate family provides a link to the outside world. Thus, our circle is widened, enriching our lives.

2. The Family Foundation
Our foundation is fortified by our approach to life’s challenges and struggles. Our ability to remain steadfast even as confronted with life’s obstacles becomes part of our development. Thus, we are delivered to the kind of existence we pursue. External forces and the era in which we live add reinforcements to the negatives. Our better judgment in each experience must sort out the positives. The ability to reject the negatives while embracing the positives fortifies our strengths.

3. Defining Quality
Life’s challenges and struggles will always be present regardless of the time period. Most important in life is our ability to overcome and profit from them. We must reject life’s negative influences by embracing quality over substance. There are times when something appears attractive, but is merely instant gratification. Therefore, this categorizes it as less than quality necessary for achieving our goals. Often genuine achievement is hard fought.

4. The Culture Fix
In these modern times individuals and families are deprived of an in-depth historical perspective. Statues are being removed—General Robert E. Lee, Chief Justice Taney, General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson and others. Most citizens remain ignorant of how these men who once lived presently impact this nation. The true history of the United States is not an integral part of the curriculum. This is true for black and white students alike. Most citizens of this country remain in a cultural flux. Meanwhile, the sculptured representations of these men who once lived continue to be removed from sight—without even a teachable moment.

5. What Time Is It?
Time is that universal clock that cannot be reset, but should be wisely spent. In individual and family life time should be enjoyed to the fullest. But practical utilization of it also transports us to worthwhile experiences. However, simultaneously we are deprived of eras and centuries of events that occurred before we were ever born. We call that history. At this time statues are removed, statutes are defied. Are the past deeds of those removed statues gone with them? Do they remain enmeshed in the very fabric of this nation? These questions are intended as thought provoking for each individual to ponder.

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